CUSTOM FRAMINGArt & framing are at the heart of The Chesapeake Framing Company.

For 40 years, The Chesapeake Framing Company has worked alongside customers to make their art even more beautiful with a finished, quality frame. Our trained and experienced staff are passionate about art and deliver top-notch craftsmanship and the best customer service.

Our work is as creative as your art and we welcome the opportunity to earn your trust with your valuable pieces. Custom framing is completed entirely on-site in our Kensington, Maryland studio. All materials are cut and assembled in-store.


  •   Paintings of any media on any material
  •   Photographs
  •   Newspapers
  •   Diplomas
  •   Memorabilia
  •   Mirrors
  •   Needlepoints, quilts, and tapestries
  •   3-dimensional objects


  • Wide selection of carefully chosen custom frame samples – over 5,000 samples
  • Hand-wrapped fabric mats
  • French mats
  • Extraordinary selection of Fillets
  • Full spectrum of glass options
  • Unless specified otherwise, all framing is done with archival quality materials


  • Custom Framing
  • Custom matting and mounting
  • Updates existing framing to renew artwork
  • Shadow boxes – object framing
  • Plexiglass boxes
  • Needlework framing
  • Quilt and tapestry framing
  • Glass Replacement
  • Delivery and Installation Services

Have an existing frame in need of an update?

The Chesapeake Framing Company can update existing framing to refresh already-framed artwork, replace broken glass, and upgrade glass for UV protection to prevent fading.