Steve Moen

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Artist Showcase: Steve Moen


Steve Moen’s art is a testament to his deep connection with nature and his unyielding fascination with the interplay of color, design, and mark making. With a keen eye for the rhythms of the natural world, Moen’s paintings become a canvas for his exploration of the visual and emotional spectrum.

For Moen, painting is not just a creative endeavor but a journey into the essence of sight and the physics of light. His process begins with an intuitive impulse, leading to a series of delightful discoveries and challenges waiting to be resolved. With each stroke, he delves into the language of color, seeking to evoke emotions and sensations in the viewer.

The exhibition features a diverse array of mediums, from small oil paintings on tin flashing to large-scale canvases adorned with homemade floater frames. Moen’s adventurous spirit extends to his materials, with homemade stains crafted from steel wool and vinegar chemistry, and even utilizing his Subaru Outback as a makeshift press for watercolor experiments.

At its core, Steve Moen’s showcase is a celebration of color, mark making, and materials—an immersive journey into the heart of artistic expression.