Artists Showcase- The Essence of Abstract

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Artist Showcase: The Essence of Abstract

From April 1st to April 30th, stop by to enjoy an exhibition by Martina Sestakova and Ella Soroori.

Martina Sestakova

In the “Embodiment” series, Martina Sestakova focuses on the human body’s capacity to always reside in the present while our minds relive the past or imagine the future. There is palpable energy in these paintings: layers, scrapes, twists and turns. Just like there is energy in the body’s sensations. It’s a chaotic process: many steps that can be easily erased as she works on a non-porous paper, Yupo. It’s also an exciting process: one of constant change as the main driving force is what her body’s messages are in a particular moment.

She moves through the painting process intuitively. As she embraces her body’s sensations, they transform into dynamic lines, twisted shapes, and open spaces created in acrylic inks. Being in her 40s, she is experiencing her life and body with an increased awareness and these artworks have facilitated much discovery for her. They have improved the quality of her life and mental health. She is asking questions about the human experience and seeks answers through the unrestricted movements of colorful paints on Yupo.

Ella Soroori

Ella Soroori discovered her passion for fluid art in the early 2020s, being drawn to its dynamic nature and the opportunity to explore her creativity and inner self. Her fascination with fluid acrylic pouring lies in the unpredictable beauty of each pour. Although she has never lived by the sea, her paintings often evoke the fluidity and rhythm of oceans, resonating with the emotions they inspire. For her, the joy of painting lies in embracing the chaos of the pouring process and relishing the artistic freedom it offers. Her love for abstraction and spontaneous techniques guide her, resulting in truly one-of-a-kind paintings.

Ella’s art has been featured and sold in exhibitions across the United States. As she continues to explore fluid art, her goal remains simple: to learn, grow, push the boundaries of her creativity, and find beauty in the unpredictable artistic process. Ella Soroori resides in Silver Spring, MD. Check out Ella’s website at www.flowpaintbar.com and follow her on YouTube at www.youtube.com/@FlowPaintbar.