Reason 1: Protective Packing for Transport

Works of art are often fragile and should not be wrapped in paper and shipped in boxes along with grandma’s china. Professionals have specific strategies for protecting art in transit, including archival boxes and non-abrasive packing materials.

Reason 2: Expertise & Accountability During Transport

The difference between an art mover and a furniture mover with a contract to move art boils down to experience, knowledge, and accountability.

Art handlers are specifically trained to handle, pack, install, and de-install fine art.

Large, heavy works of art are fragile in their own way. Experienced art installers will know when a piece must be taken care of in a certain way.

“Art is versatile. If an artwork requires a special treatment it’s totally individual. For example, a client purchased very heavy art pieces and wanted to install them on his rooftop. In order to do so, he needed to hire an expert installer who can think out of the box.” Kelly Ryan, Director.

Reason 3: Special Protection & Assurance Against Theft or Damage

There is hardware available to secure your artwork from walking away which is a good idea to think about if you are considering putting art in a public space. 

Transport insurance—it’s available from art transport companies. Discuss their policies and options, to find the appropriate precautions available in your budget.

Reason 4: Installation Pre-Planning

In addition to the fragility of the artwork in question and art in general, installation concerns include the layout or expert advice from an art consultant on placement, knowledge of lighting, an understanding of art hanging systems, and an assessment of where you plan to locate the artwork. All of this takes expertise and time.

Not all walls are created equal and site visits are incredibly important to determine if a piece can hang safely and the type of hardware and equipment that should be used to properly install the piece. A site visit will ensure that the actual installation goes smoothly and efficiently.

“We were approached by a client who wanted to hang their collection on a wood panel so we used a gallery hanging system. The look was clean and contemporary without drilling any holes in the very expensive wall treatment.” Mary Jo Moon, Owner.

Reason 5: Installation is More Than “Just Hanging a Picture”

A professional will be prepared to do complicated installations and protect your art in the process.

Hardware—and the expertise needed to evaluate what is needed for the installation—is key.

“Due to the weight or type of hardware used in hanging a frame, the consumer might not be familiar with the technique and a D.I.Y. scenario could result in a bad situation and damaging the art.” Kelly Ryan, Director.

Handle with Care

When artworks are being handled—wrapped, shipped and installed—they are vulnerable. Taking reasonable precautions and involving experienced logistics professionals will help you handle your art with the love and care it deserves.

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