Artist Showcase (October)

At Chesapeake Framing Company, we believe in celebrating local artists. Join us for new monthly local artist exhibitions and check out our Fine Art Sales to purchase directly.

October Showcase: Claire Wright

From October 1 – 29th, stop by to enjoy a photography exhibition by Claire Wright. She is an avid nature explorer, a biologist by training, and a rock climber by passion, making her photography intimately connected to nature. She attempts to comprehend its essence, the essence of life and Earth, by capturing shapes, textures, patterns, and colors. Her photographs can be close ups or aerial shots, often puzzling to the naked eye, yet we sense their beauty and familiarity when revealed by the camera.

For as long as she can recall, woods, fields, and mountains have been her refuge, the place where she goes to recenter, to find comfort in beauty. In middle school her father provided first Canon camera. Yet, it’s as a PhD student that she started spending hours looking through a camera. Her first published pictures were microscopic images of HIV infected cells. She developed a fascination for views that are invisible to the naked eye. The microscope coupled with a camera revealed a secret world, beautiful and utterly interesting. Outside the lab and the classrooms, she was a passionate rock climber. She loved going up to reach a place where she could look down and watch birds of prey flying below her feet, where she could feel forests were green oceans. She would bring a camera when she could to capture climbing actions and the improbable views. When the first commercial drones became available for a reasonable price, she imagined all the possibilities, the incredible views, the unique perspectives, and starting using drone cameras. Aerial photography, like macrophotography transports the viewer into a world with a scale of its own. A landscape from high up can become the inside of a cell, and the close-up of the leaf can be a city map.

Claire lives in Gaithersburg, MD and many of the pictures presented here are taken in DC area in the parks or woods of Montgomery County or in her own yard. The Potomac River hosts many species of birds and wildlife in general and its shores are perfect for those who want to observe nature.