Artist Showcase

At Chesapeake Framing Company, we believe in celebrating local artists. Join us for new monthly local artist exhibitions and check out our Fine Art Sales to purchase directly.

December Showcase: Jennifer Dreyfus

From December  3 – 31st, stop by to enjoy an exhibition by Jennifer Dreyfus.

Art for Jennifer is about capturing the moments in life along the way. As she experiences it, our days are a series of ups and downs, waves that you ride through. No moment is like the preceding one or the one to follow. You don’t know what is coming. Jennifer seeks to capture something of that moment – a slice of time – a piece of a day. She hopes to portray the feeling of a moment in its tranquility, its turbulence or its tension.

Jennifer often starts a painting by making big, bold marks as a dramatic underpainting.  Over time paintings are reworked to find a point of stillness.  It’s that hard work of ‘right here, right now’ that takes her to the still point.  To Jennifer, a successful piece portrays any of the myriad of emotions each of us, as humans, experience – everything from balance, to uncertainty, hope, tension and so much more. Just a glimpse –  a moment – at those emotions put down on paper.

Join Chesapeake Framing Company on December 3rd from 4:00 – 6:00 pm for light refreshments with Jennifer!